HIIT and Run

High intensity. Soft surface. Train Hard. Land Soft.

Sproing Sport is a revolutionary fitness concept featuring running-based high intensity interval training (HIIT and RUN) for an intense full body workout without injury.


Metabolic Conditioning also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been scientifically proven to be the ideal workout, providing maximum results in a minimum period of time. HIIT workouts feature intervals of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise interspersed with strength and power exercises that allow maximum fat burning, muscle toning, and overall total body fitness in just a half hour.   

The difference with HIIT, Sproing-style, is the forgiving soft surface that allows you to unleash your inner athlete and torch calories without joint pain. And don’t forget the afterburn—you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate after your workout!

That’s right—train with intensity and your metabolism works harder even when you’re done. It’s called ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ or ‘afterburn’.

Located in Columbia, Maryland, Synergy FX’s 10 machine Sproing Sport studio is the first (and currently only) of its kind in the state!

Anyone can Sproing. People of every fitness level can get a great cardio and strength workout, without injury. You can march, jog or run on the Sproing. The college football player, 60-year-old woman with a hip replacement, 45-year-old teacher, and now you, can finish an intense Sproing workout without pain.

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Sproing has been listed as one of Yahoo Sports' 2014 Top 5 Game-Changing Fitness Inventions. Yahoo reported that "Sproing might be everywhere within a few years."

SynergyFx is the second Sproing Sport studio in the nation

and currently the only one in Maryland. The first is located in Chicago, where Sproing Fitness is headquartered. With Sproing Sport’s fast, fun and furious workout that can burn 750 calories or more in just 45 minutes, you may never step on a treadmill or run on the pavement again!

See why Chicagoans love Sproing Sport.

Start running again with Sproing Sport.

  • With Sproing I can go ‘balls to the wall’ without worrying about falling… It’s addictive!”

    — Nikki Herrera

  • I never like anything, and I love Sproing. It's a short workout, my knees don't hurt and I get a good burn."

    — Lisa Evans

  • I’m a person who works out often, loves exploring different types of exercise and strives for results. Sproing gives you all that and more in 30 minutes or less. #SproingROCKS"

    — Ptolomy Phyall

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With MYZONE® you can see in real time the fruits of your labor—every class is a training class. How much effort did you put into that Sproing, Zumba or Boxercise class? How many calories did you burn during your step class? How hard did you work during your strength training? With MYZONE® now you’ll know. Thankfully, locker rooms and showers are available. You’ll need it.


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